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Geography –

Patria is an Earth sized world with Terran standard seasons and years.  The majority of my development so far has been on the eastern one third of a Eurasian sized land mass that dominates the northern hemisphere.  In the vast ocean on the other side of the northern hemisphere is a large archipelago of islands.  Aside from being an area untouched by the Plague and Horde Wars (see below) and thus being about 400 years ahead in technology, this area has not been explored or developed – even the size of the archipelago and whether it is one or several is completely open for development.  These islands are completely unknown to those living on the main landmass – whether the reverse is true is yet to be determined.  

The Southern hemisphere is – at this point and subject to revision – a vast ocean dominated by a massive super storm that circles the planet every twenty years or so.  I am still pondering this idea and have yet to determine if I will keep this idea – it depends on how much impact such a weather system would have on the rest of the planet.  Stay tuned for more thoughts on this topic.  Any GM with knowledge of meteorology, climate systems, and an interest in undersea adventuring might find this area interesting.  

The main landmass has only a tentative rough outline for the most part.  It stretches from the frozen arctic land inhabited only by monsters and perhaps a few stranger things to a subtropical volcanic island chain in the south.  

The eastern 1/3 of the continent has been mapped and explored because that is where the elves settled the various bands of human refugees taken from Terra Prime (see History below).  A large inner sea divides the lands north and south.  South of the sea a smaller mountain range runs east to west creating an area of difficult but not impossible passage between the human kingdoms surrounding the inner sea and the kingdoms to the south.  North of the inner sea is an unnaturally symmetrical ring of Seven great mountains that are referred to as the Dwarven Crown – some allege it to be the birth place of the dwarves and that one day they will be reborn there – but none who go there return.  North and east of the Dwarven Crown are vast forests that no human has explored.    
To the immediate west of the “human” lands is a vast mountain range running the length of the continent from north to south.  The Nixnidus mountain chain is easily the size of the Himalayas and these were where the dwarves made their homes until the Great Plague and the Horde Wars virtually wiped the race from existence about 400 years ago.  Now these lands are over run by foul creatures – both above and below ground.  

Beyond the Nixnidus mountains were the forest kingdoms of the elves.  Snow fed rivers snake their way through a gradually slopping plateau and eventually combine into a great river that marked the western end of Elvin lands.  Like the mountains that once housed the dwarves, these forests are now dark and twisted places where only the minions of evil dwell.  

Beyond the dark forests where the elves once lived is completely unexplored – all that is know is that the Horde came from these lands.  Tentatively the land is a barren wasteland of scrub, rock, and desert.  Imagine the bleakest badlands and the rockiest deserts and you will envision a heavenly paradise compared to these lands where the death of the stranger is the first rule of survival.  Little wonder this is the homeland of the goblinoids, orcs, and other humanoid monsters.
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April 19, 2017